Explore Tapps Island

Welcome to our beautiful recreational community Tapps Island, nestled on the shores of Lake Tapps, at the foot of Mount Rainier. Our highly rated Golf Course offers stunning views of the lake and mountain, while our families enjoy the many unique amenities Tapps Island has to offer.


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amazing Tapps island amenities

14 Acre Park with Trail, Soccer/Softball Field

Grass Play Areas & Playground

Swimming Beach & Picnic Areas (also for rent)

Outdoor Heated Pool (Summer Months)

Public Restaurant and Golf Course

Docks and Private Boat Launch

Two Tennis Courts

Four Pickleball Courts

Mini Basketball Court

Private Roads with Bike Lanes

Community Water System

Winterizing Your Backflow

Below are pictures of how someone can insulate their backflow device for the winter.  You can either use a piece of insulation to lay over the pipe or you can use a towel and trash bag as a quick do-it-yourself project.

It is very important, if using the towel, to wrap and seal it from getting moisture in the bag.  If moisture gets on the towel it is worse than having no insulation at all.

The preferred method is to pick up a piece of insulation from a hardware store and fill the space with insulation.

Lake Level Update – October 29, 2019

Cascade Water Alliance is updating the 2019 Lake Tapps reservoir drawdown. To allow Pierce County to do upgrades to its bulkhead at North Tapps Park, Cascade will begin to actively lower the reservoir level on Friday, Nov. 1 to an approximate elevation of 538 feet, where the reservoir will stay until Dec. 26. Then the level will drop to about elevation 535’ for the remaining park project work, which should take about six weeks. The 2020 fill is anticipated to begin in mid-February.

As usual, residents should make appropriate decisions regarding watercraft and other property, but it is recommended that boats be out of the water before Friday, Nov. 1.

If residents are planning work on their property, this is a good time to obtain the appropriate, required permits and a Cascade license prior to beginning any work. Further, residents should keep in mind as they do work on their property, especially bulkheads, that Cascade has the authority to raise reservoir levels to elevation 543’ under current water rights, so any new or modified bulkheads should be built to at least elevation 544’. Cascade raises the reservoir to 543’ once a year for a day or so as a reminder.

For more information about Cascade and Lake Tapps visit www.cascadewater.org and for information regarding licenses for project work visit http://cascadewater.org/lake_tapps_licenses_and_permits.php